Excel flexi time spreadsheet calculator / timesheet

Excel spreadsheet/timesheets allow you to to keep a better tab on your working hours so that you can check you are not losing time and getting paid for your working hours. They are a convenient way to record time as the spreadsheet contains formulae to calculate the hours accrued for the accounting period. 

Sample Excel Calculator

Below is a sample screen picture of our Excel calculator.


Disadvantages of Excel Timesheets

There are a number of disadvantages to using Excel to record your flexi time hours:

  • Time can easily be falsified, and often is - spreadsheets are stored and updated as a user wishes. Spreadsheet based systems are often abused, costing the organisation money
  • Users can fill the sheets in as and when they want - eg at the end of a working week when they've actually forgotten what hours they did!
  • Files are stored all over the network, in disparate places.  Its hard for managers to check them, and its often a time consuming process
  • Its more difficult to enforce particular rules such as earliest start hours, minimum lunch, latest end
  • Its hard to generate reports across your organisation on things such as flexi totals, holidays and sickness

The Solution

Using our web based flexi time calculator, called Flex Planner, you overcome all these issues.  Please contact us for a free no obligation quote on setting it up for your organisation.