Time recording, flexi time and attendance tracking system

Flex Planner is a web based time recording and flexi time sheet system for use by computer based staff and users with smartphones. The software enables employees to record time worked via an easy-to-use web interface. 

  •  Record working time by clocking in and out, or manually entering time
  •  Enter annual leave/holidays, sickness and any other type of event you want to record
  •  Approval mechanism so managers and administrators can approve staff time entries
  •  Team/departmental leave calendar for annual leave and sickness
  •  Ongoing calculation of flexi time balance, surplus and deficit
  •  Apply flexi time rules such as minimum lunch break, earliest start and end times, core hours
  •  Configure different working hours for full and part time staff
  •  Free setup by our experienced staff, and free no obligation trial

View a 9 minute introduction to the system below (subtitles and audio included).
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Record Working Time, Sickness and Leave

A central place to store all of your staffs' working hours, holiday and sickness and flexi time leave.

Enforce Your Organisation's Flex Time Policy

Ensure that staff abide by your flexi time policies, such as core working hours, minimum lunch, maximum surplus and deficit.

Leave Calendar & Holiday Approvals

Store annual leave calendars for your teams, and handle holiday requests. Run reports on leave and sickness.

Cloud Based or Install Inhouse

You can access the service via our web site for a small monthly subscription price, or install it on your own Microsoft servers inhouse.

A wide range of organisations, such as commercial businesses, charities, and government bodies use Flexplanner,
both in the public and private sectors throughout the UK and abroad. See our Clients page for more.

About Us

We are Flexi Time Planner, based in Wakefield UK - we provide software development systems with a specific focus on time recording systems.

The system is designed to offer employees more flexibility in the workplace. With more and more emphasis being placed on work life balance, organisations must define procedures to support employees. One way to do this is by implementing flexitime.

Our software acts as a time bank, accumulating employees attendance and managing employee absence. It also applies your organisation’s flexi time rules to this time bank, making sure staff take minimum required lunches, don’t falsify their time records, round time correctly when required and much more.

12 Reasons to Use Our Flexi Time Calculator

Central place to store all your company's time

Including working time, annual leave, sickness etc

Can be used for both flexi time and non-flexi staff

eg contractors, temps etc.

Stops staff falsifying their working time

You can make staff sign in and out just like a swipe card system but on your PC.

Highly configurable - will fit all flexi time policies

Designed to allow for an infinite variety of working time arrangements.

Enforces your flexi time policy so you don't have to

Staff love flexi time but you need to have rules - Flex Planner provides the regulation you need.

Holiday/Leave Planner

provides a team view of all your holidays, sickness, flexi leave etc so that you can plan your team's leave.

Easy setup

Its all web based so you don't have to install software.  We will do all the setup for you.

Administration and reporting

Granular administration levels allowing HR and other staff to view all user time and report on it to management.

Save your company money

It ensure stricter attendance through the greater regulation it provides

Low price

We aim to provide a cost effective solution to your flexi time needs.

Holiday approval processes

The system handles all your annual leave approvals, by enabling managers to view and approve the holiday requests from their team .

Mobile application

Users can access the system via smart phones if required.

See also: Information about excel flexi time spread sheet / calculators.


A small selection of organisations using our flexi time system...