Videos about Flex Planner

The training videos below give you an overview of the Flex Planner time recording and flexi time system, its features and how to use it and configure it. The videos are aimed at both people considering using the system in their organisation as well as existing users – it can therefore be used both as an introductory overview for people who might be interested in using the system, as well as a training type video.

The videos contain audio so you will need headphones.

Flex Planner System Overview

View a 9 minute introduction to the system below (subtitles and audio included).
Click on the full screen button for a better view.


Training Videos

Please note the remaining videos on this page are more aimed at training users rather than as a quick introduction.

Introduction to the system and registering (7 minutes)

Overview of the timesheet and entering events (16 minutes)

Entering adjustments (8 minutes)

User administration (11 minutes)

Setting user system permissions

Video coming soon.

Time templates (10 minutes)

Leave view (7 minutes)

Team View (4 minutes)

Flexi time templates

Video coming soon.

Event types

Video coming soon.

Approvals (Using Approvals - 15 minutes)

Approvals (Setting Up Approvals - 10 minutes)


Video coming soon.