Videos about Flex Planner

Below are some videos about Flex Planner. Click on the play button and then on the Full Screen button for a better view. Headphones or speakers required.

Flex Planner System Overview

13 minutes

This video is a 13 minute introduction to the system. Subtitles and audio included, click on the CC button at the bottom for subtitles.

Basic Intro for Every Day Users

30 minutes

30 minute introduction to basic usage of the system for everyday users. It includes information on how to use the timesheet, enter time, make leave requests etc. Subtitles included.

More Detailed System Overview

48 minutes

A more detailed introduction than the 13 minute video above, which starts by registering a new free trial via the Free Trial button at the top, and then explains how to use the system.  Doesn't go into detailed admin tasks, this is for later videos.