Hybrid & Home/Office Working Tracking & Planning

With home working and hybrid working such a common working practice, some organisations want to be able to monitor and plan their home and hybrid working arrangements.  This can be done in flex planner by allowing users to record their working location when they enter working events.  It can also be used to schedule in future working evens and their locations to ensure office coverage is sufficient for business requirements.

Flex Planner offers the following system functionality related to hybrid and home working:

  • When a user enters working time into the system, either manually or via clocking in/out, they can also record their location of work.  For example home, office, client visit, or a specific office eg London, Birmingham etc.
  • List of locations a user can record is fully configurable and you can also set whether a user must record their location or if it is only optional
  • Users can schedule in future working events by day and indicate the location of work so you can then organise who is in the office and when
  • Ability to record working events on mobile phone or laptop/desktop, thus allowing recording whilst outside the office etc